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Queen Hippie Gypsy Evil Eye Collection

Banish the Evil Eye Collection


Introduction Our Newest Spiritual Healing Products

Banish The Evil Eye Collection

Blue Lotus Bath Salts, Spiritual Body Oil,  Prayer Candle infused with Lotus Petals.


Indulge in the soothing powers of blue lotus with our luxurious bath salts. Immerse yourself in a calming blend that promotes relaxation and releases negative energy. Transform your bath time into a sacred ritual of self-care.

Nourish your body and soul with our spiritual body oil. Infused with healing crystals and essential oils, this powerful blend restores balance, enhances mindfulness, and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Embrace the divine energy and ignite your spiritual journey.

Illuminate your sacred space with our prayer candle. With the delicate essence of lotus petals, this candle serves as a beacon of light and positivity. Create a tranquil atmosphere for meditation, prayer, or simply unwinding after a long day.

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