I'm A Gypsy

I am Queen by birthright. Hippie by free spirit. Gypsy by blood. 

Somehow I named my business Queen Hippie Gypsy without ever being told my ancestry.

My ancestors have always spoken to me and they guided me here. Yet I confirmed my DNA just 3 weeks ago.

You may not understand what a Queen Hippie Gypsy type of person is but anyone who knows me will say that I’ve been this way my whole life.

I’ve had naysayers doubt my heart and intentions yet my heart was nothing but pure light, love, magic, happiness and hope.

I’ve made many friends and have accumulated them like seashells or sea-stars in my life.

I connect with people from every race and religion. I’ve served thousands of people in my community. Long before opening my business. I’ve been an activist my entire life. Only God knows why my mom tried feeding me those nasty green peas. Though I’m pretty sure she never sent them to the starving kids in Africa like I suggested at 4 years old. Someone had to eat them and it wouldn’t be me.

I’ve been delivering powerful original speeches since winning 1st place prizes in Oakland Public school oratorical fests in 3rd grade.

I was the class president in elementary school, Grass Valley, which was one of the top Oakland schools at the time. I am the product of the Gifted and Talented education program and I’ve always strived for greatness.

My journey took a turn as a teen when I began searching for love from everywhere but within. I experienced a LOT of heartache, mental anguish and physical abuse and pain. Many of those things showing up as PTSD till this day.

When I started my business my goal was to share the healing tools that I personally used as provided to me by my own spiritual teachers, ancestors in dreams as well as intuitive instruction.   

These tools I combined with my southern baptist roots and prayers, positive affirmations, meditations and spiritual study.  I healed myself from many of the traumas that I had endured with the use of Spiritual baths. Prayer Oils. Crystals etc. and combined them with my prayers, affirmations, journaling and meditations.

People saw me as an awkward black girl from East Oakland long before Issa Rae created her magical show. People wondered what gave me the right to be so carefree, happy and true to myself. My truth is that I’ve always followed my own North Star. My true guiding light. We all have our own.

I confirmed on Mother’s Day what my soul had known all along. I am the daughter of many lands, races, and religions.



North and West European


Oceania Melanesian

South Asian

I have rainbow DNA and am the daughter of cosmos born from many nations.

This is why I connect with so many people. This is why people love my store. This is why I embrace all humans, all religions, all creeds.

I believe that black lives matter and yet I am still a magical rainbow human who can see the love and beauty in all shades and colors. Yes every life matters because at the end of the day we are one human race however black people haven’t felt much love and respect in this country nor acknowledgement of systemic racism which is still a huge issue in this county today.

Black lives are hurting right now. We are sick of this shit. We need time to express ourselves through community gatherings, movement, art and healing drum circles. Covid is making that a bit harder for us.

But we thrive and heal though connectedness, movement and the expression of culture.

We need a moment from usual world programming to hold space for ourselves right now. Thank you to our allies who understand from all over this world.

It would also be greatly appreciated if someone in leadership would simply ensure that racists police aren’t given badges.

There are people in every race making it bad for the rest of the world and everyone’s sick of this shit. 

There are law enforcement making it bad for the rest of law enforcement who actually care to protect our communities. Like the ones who would show up for me on days when I needed protection most.

Racist people often make it bad for the rest of us who just want to live in unity, peace, love, harmony and happiness and we won’t let them win.

We must hold collective spiritual intentions to manifest a new world of peace, harmony and love just as Bob Marley once said. One love. One heart. Let’s get together on this and the world will start to feel a little bit like right...

I love you,

Lilliannia <—— Gypsy name. Look it up. 🦋

I don’t own the rights to this music.

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