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Grieving is a natural part of life and yet grief is still one of the most challenging emotions that we must face as human beings.

Mourning our departed loved ones gives us the opportunity to heal ourselves from deep pain, suffering and sadness that are usually associated with bereavement.

When we honor our ancestors and allow ourselves the opportunity to feel deep emotions of grief we can begin to facilitate our own emotional healing allowing us to help process and move forward with our own lives. 

I created a Grief Healing Spiritual Prayer Affirmation Collection in order to help those who may be having a hard time with suffering from any form of loss and transition. 

GRACE & MERCY was created to help support during the time of grief and bereavement. 

When the pandemic first began I knew that the world would need more grief and emotional healing than ever experienced before.


My ancestors and the ancestors of others began speaking to me aloud and clear. I knew what I was being guided to do. 


I was inspired to create a spiritual line of natural healing products for Grief and Bereavement because of the Grace & Mercy that I experienced on my own personal healing journey. 


I began working on recipes and studied herbs, crystals, oils, ancient texts and scriptures for their spiritual and medicinal healing properties and uses. 


I went even further into my own personal practices for healing grief in order to help strengthen my own emotional and spiritual well-being. 


During this time of year many of us are grieving and mourning the loss of loved ones who have transitioned.


“Grace & Mercy” Prayer Collection is intended to help support anyone who may be looking to process and heal their own grief, and balance their emotional and spiritual well-being. 

The prayer collection is intended to be used for 40 days and 40 nights and includes an instructional guide with prayers for healing and proper use. 

The Grace & Mercy Prayer collection includes:

Affirmation Prayer Candle

Affirmation Prayer Oil

Grief Herbal Healing Tea Blend 

All New Crystal Herbal Collection for Grief & Bereavement 

Spiritual Healing Bath Salt Crystals 

I pray God’s Grace & Mercy for everyone in need of peace and comfort at this time!

With Love, 

Lilly xoxo

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